No More Lonely Robots Released

I’m happy to announce No More Lonely Robots was released today, Friday October 14, 2016!

You can find NMLR on all major digital platforms – like Bandcamp, Spotify, iTunes, Google Music etc. CD’s are available on Bandcamp and CDBaby, as well as downloadable digital versions.

This one has been a long time coming. I have 2 hobbies (one of which is music) and a day job, so finding time to record, mix, and put together an album of music has been daunting. I’m very happy with how it turned out though. There is always one little last tweak to make, but at some point you realize it’s good, and chasing perfection can be a never ending quest.

I have a little bit of history and origin on the Music page along with credits, so please check it out.


OK, so its been a while. But lately  I have been working more frequently on this, and getting really close to releasing the first Heroic Spear Thrower album. I’ve been working on artwork, and that is almost done. I had to make a couple tweaks to a couple songs since last I posted. After stepping away from it for a while, then listening in the car on the way to work, I had some small changes I needed to make. Overall though I’m really liking how it sounds. I’m anxious to share this with everyone, but we still have a little ways to go. Finalizing the layout, duplication, distribution. There will be physical CD’s for purchase, plus of course digital copies.

Until next time…

New Album Update

The debut album from Heroic Spear Thrower is nearing completion. Mixing was finished December 31st, 2015. Now on to other sundry efforts like: dusting off my Photoshop skills (yeah right) and making the album artwork, making this silly website you are looking at now, mastering, figuring out where and how to distribute this thing (???!??!!), etc.